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Veterinary Surgery

At the Animal Clinic of Milford, we provide a range of exceptional surgical services for our patients, including some of the following procedures:

Pet Surgery in Milford

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

We can provide a range of oral surgery services, including abscess removals, tooth extractions, and bone removal, in addition to dental prophy. Check out our dental services page to learn more about pet dentistry from the Animal Clinic of Milford.

Pet Spay and Neuter in Milford


The veterinary team at the Animal Clinic of Milford provides orthopedic care, from diagnosis and treatment planning, to certain surgical procedures such as ACL repair, TTA, and TPLO. For more advanced orthopedic needs, we can refer out to local specialists for more extensive treatment options.

Surgical Monitoring

Our surgical patients are thoroughly monitored during their procedures and while they are under anesthesia. We have monitors for temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, EKG, heartrate, respiration, and more. All of our patients are anesthetized under gas anesthesia and intubated, and each patient is monitored personally by a veterinary technician whose only job during surgery is to ensure that your pet’s levels are normal and that they are safe.

If you have concerns about your pet surgery or care needs, please contact our team with your questions!


“The staff is terrific from Vet assistants to the office managers. I have been able to get appointments for either dog readily.”
- Anonymous