5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Pet This Winter

Having Fun with Your Pet This Winter

Brr! It’s chilly out, but that doesn’t mean your pet has to mope around the house, waiting for a warm day to play outside. In fact, keeping your pet active and stimulated is important in every season so they can stay healthy. Consider Animal Clinic of Milfords’ list of five ways you can have fun with your pet in the winter, and give us a call if you have any questions.

Take a Walk with Your Pet

As long as it’s not TOO cold out, you can still take your dog for a brisk walk. This will provide some great cardiovascular benefits for both of you and even help you bond with your canine companion. Just be sure to wipe off any salt from your dog’s paws when you come inside.

Go for a Jog

If your dog is the active type, and you want to get a better winter workout for yourself, why not turn that walk into a jog? Of course, increasing your speed will help you both stay warm, too. You may also want to try intervals for a more intensive routine.

Play Tag

Who said tag is just for people? Yes, dogs can enjoy it, too! If you have a large yard or plan to visit a park, you can play tag with your dog. After you tag your dog, let them run around and chase you. Then, let your dog chase you! You may be surprised how much fun you’ll both have.

Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pocket pets can learn tricks, so instead of sitting around inside, why not teach your furry friend a new trick? Training your pet can strengthen your bond with them and improve their overall behavior, so it’s certainly worth the effort. Of course, always reward your pet for doing the trick, and limit the training sessions to about 15 minutes a day.

Play Hide and Seek

Who doesn’t like a good game of hide and seek? You can play this game with your dog, cat, and even your pocket pets. Simply hide your pet’s favorite toy or treat in a place where your pet can see. Then, let them have fun retrieving it. And if your pet will cooperate and is well trained, YOU can be the one to hide and let your pet find you. This game works great for herding dogs.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment at Animal Clinic of Milford, give us a call at 230-882-8311, and have a happy, safe winter with your pet!