The Animal Clinic of Milford now provides a program for your pet to cover their basic core vaccines at a greatly reduced cost savings. Now all pet parents can easily afford going the extra mile and affording to do the routine diagnostic testing recommended at every annual visit, as well as monthly preventatives for the whole year. 

  1. One time enrollment fee of $125
  2. For pets 6 months and older
  3. Free Canine – Rabies, Distemper, and Leptospirosis for the life of your pet, when seen on time for a yearly Annual Visit and on time for needed boosters.
  4. Free Feline – Rabies and FVRCP (distemper).
  5. Up to a maximum 50% discount on additional Canine and Feline recommended vaccines such as (Lyme, Influenza, Bordetella, & Leukemia).
  6. For the safety of your pet all vaccines are properly administered by a doctor.
  7. This program is for pets 6 months of age or older.
  8. At the completion of your first Vax4life visit, we require that you schedule your pets next annual visit, this way we ensure your pet receives the right reminders in a timely manner.
  9. Preventatives including Tri-Heart Plus, Interceptor Plus, ProHeart, Bravecto- oral and topical, and Simparica Trio- an all in one heartworm and flea & tick preventative, must be purchased through Animal Clinic of Milford to stay enrolled in the program. We provide manufacturer mail in rebates when available, (we will mail this in for you) and 10% loyalty discounts after any available manufacturer rebates savings have been applied, for all Vax4Life enrolled pets.

Why Choose Vax4Life

*Physical Examinations: Every pet is routinely given a physical examine by Dr. Maley or Dr. Golovyan before administering vaccines. This is done to detect any underlying illness such as lumps, bumps, infections, and or fever.  Early detection is the cornerstone of quality healthcare for your pet. 

*Vaccine Reactions:  Pets can experience vaccination reactions. Dr. Maley and Dr. Golovyan are here to ensure your pet is feeling healthy after they personally administer all vaccinations. If your pet is experiencing any type of discomfort or physical change, they are on standby.

*State of the Art Electronic Records: Each pet has a clinical record filled out by Dr. Maley or Dr. Golovyan. This is not a receipt with listed vaccines, but a medical record that can be transferred to any boarding facility, specialty or emergency hospital as needed.

*Bond and Loyalty: The Animal Clinic of Milford is built on a foundation of loyalty to all our clients. Dr. Maley and Dr. Golovyan are invested in any way possible to provide the best veterinary care for your pet and continue to offer pet care programs to evolve with the changes in our lives.

Animal Clinic of Milford:

A Full-Service Veterinary Hospital

Your pet deserves to be cared for by a hospital that has the capability of caring for ALL of your pet’s needs, Doctors that know your pet’s history, and who are capable of providing everything your furry friend needs to stay healthy.   Not just the basics!  With Animal Clinic of Milford, your pet gets all the benefit of HealthCare for all life stages (puppy/kitten, adult and senior), including all that life throws at them, cuts and bruises, broken bones, bad teeth, chronic disease, ear infections, the after effects of having eaten something they shouldn’t have (vomiting and diarrhea) and everything else!  We see Day Emergencies, our clients know we are here for them, we all agree that being available when you need us is so important…the last thing we want is for you to go to the Emergency Room and wait for hours only to pay exorbitant !

The finer points of the Vax4Life program:

  1. Your pet must be seen for their Annual Visit on a timely basis, within 30 days of the annual visit due date, or your plan converts automatically back to regular priced vaccines. Although, you can re-enroll in the program, but the re-enrollment fee will be based on the program fee at the time of re-enrollment.
  2. At the completion of your Annual Visit, we will automatically schedule your next year’s visit, this is one way we can ensure your next year’s visit is not missed.
  3. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. That means if your pet passes away, is given away, or is lost, your benefits Vax4Life are not transferable to a new pet or to a new owner. All services must be fulfilled at Animal Clinic of Milford, services at any other hospital will not satisfy any of our Vax4Life requirements.
  4. We reserve the right to change program initiation fees, as well as the right to discontinue offering the Vax4Life program in the future.
  5. No other discounts (Sr Discounts) can to use with the Vax4Life program, but still can be applied to other services.
  6. In exchange for the Vax4Life reduced pricing, we do require you to purchase all preventatives from our Hospital. Yes, our pricing is reasonably competitive with other sources. 10% discount will be applied to all preventatives for Vax4Life enrolled pets.

Your Loyalty Deserves Reward

As a thank you to our clients that have put their trust in us and the healthcare we have provided over the years.  We are happy to offer our Vax4Life program as a thank you and as a way to advance our mission to help your pets be as healthy and protected as possible!